I can't sleep cause my bed's on fire, I'm tired of being tired

"To face another day in the city on my own,
although I am surrounded I carry this stone,
it owns the weight of the world, but still it can't be found.
Believe me, I have tried.
I'm sick of these words and all the consequences,
they're always creeping up from behind."
I can't sleep. Hiding in a different language, loosing my head and hanging upside down from a new kind of tree. Confused, I said, when they asked. And yes, I was so tired today, but this restlessness is only awake when the rest of the city turn out the lights. Confused, I said, but then again, who isn't?
"But she don't sleep at night, afraid of turn out the light."
Rubriklåt (Men Johnossi förstod)
Bed on fire- Johnossi

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